UCS Performance can perform the following services for you.

Engine Builds:  It doesn't matter if it's a 4G63, 4G64, 4G69, 6G72, 6G73, 6G74, or 6G75.  I've built them and they last.  You have every option available to you and I've allied myself with some of the best machine shops in the country.  Each engine is built for exactly what the customer wants to do.  You tell me your goals, and I'll build you an engine to handle it.

Bolt On Installs:  I can either source the parts for you or you can bring them to me for me to install.  Doesn't matter what it is, I can install it.  Be it exhausts, cams, electronic devices such as piggybacks or gauges, suspension, you name it the sky is the limit!

Forced Induction Kit Installs:  This isn't for you lucky Mitsu owners that bought a car that came with a turbo from the factory.  This is more for the red headed bastard step children known as the 3G and 4G Eclipses.  Bought a kit elsewhere?  Don't want to install it?  I can install it for you!  It doesn't matter if it's a turbo kit or a supercharger kit, I've done it all!

Transmission Upgrades for 5 Speeds:  Hey 3G community, tired of shattering your stock diff?  Quaife makes one bad ass LSD.  I've installed over 20 of them.  Everyone loves it.  Hands down the best mod you can EVER do to your car.  Want to build your trans to hold more power?  No problem!  I've partnered with Andrewtech Automotive and they have an extensive list of upgrades.  EVO owners, tired of cruising at 4000 RPMs at 80 MPH?  I got a fix for that too!  A revised 5th gear that cruises at 3400 RPMs at 80MPH.  You will save over 15% in fuel during cruise!

Custom Fabrication - MIG & TIG welding:  Got something you need welded up?  No problem!  I can build you just about anything you can think of!  This includes custom turbo kits for ANY Mitsubishi!

Dyno Tuning:  I don't have a dyno. Seyla, otherwise known as the MadMsheen is the local stock ECU guru. You will not find a better tuner for your Mitsubishi than Seyla in this area. Period.