UCS Performance is the brainchild of Greg Almeida. Greg began his personal journey down the performance modification addiction in late 2001 with the purchase of his Dodge Stratus Coupe. What he didn't know was that he had in reality purchased a third generation Mitsubishi Eclipse in disguise. After cutting his teeth so to speak on his Stratus, Greg began to acquire other Mitsubishi performance vehicles such as all types of DSMs, a 3000GT VR4 and even a Lancer Evolution VIII.

Greg is primarily known for his experience with the third generation Mitsubishi Eclipse. This is after all the platform that began his love for automotive performance. More recently Greg has had the opportunity to work and train with DTM Motorsport on numerous street and race only Lancer Evolutions. The combined teamwork between the parties involved resulted in numerous first place finishes in N.A.S.A. Time Trial races including the 2007 N.A.S.A National Championship TTR Class First Place finisher at Mid Ohio raceway. The team was undisputed in the Redline Time Attack competitions for the modified AWD class on the east coast taking two first place finishes along with overall fastest time for the modified class two years in a row.

In August of 2008 Greg decided it was time to go back on his own.  He cut his ties to DTMotorsport for various reasons and began to focus on rebuilding his own business.  UCS Performance was after all just Greg.  Greg did the fabrication, the installs, dealt with clients and gives them the support they deserve all while doing everything else required in running a buisness.  Now you know why this website sucks!  UCS Performance is not a large business.  What you get when you come to UCS Performance is the guarantee that the person you talk to on the phone is the guy doing the work on your car.  

UCS Performance stands behind a particular creed.  That creed is based on honesty, loyalty and respect.  Greg did not get into this business because one day he decided he wanted to run a performance shop.  He was first and foremost an end user.  While he was mechanically inclined, when he bought his R/T back in 2001, the most he knew how to do was a tune up.  Greg has had the experiences of taking his car to a shop for work to be performed only to be disappointed by the quality of work or leaving the shop feeling as if he had just gotten raped.  Because of that Greg began to work on his own car, no matter what work needed to be performed.  Very quickly others began to see that Greg had a certain knack for getting things done right.  Soon people began asking him to work on their cars too.  It was only a matter of time before Greg said to himself "heck, if I'm doing all this work I might as well get paid for it".  That is how UCS Performance was born.  Greg has not forgotten where he came from.  He remembers what it feels like to be a customer, to entrust your baby to someone else to do work for you.  The relationship between an automotive performance shop and it's client is a finicky one.  One missed step can ruin a relationship for life if not handled properly.  Remembering what it feels like to be in the customers shoes is the key to UCS Performance's success.  Treating people fairly and honestly only adds to ones reputation and in the long run ensures that the relationship is a lasting one.  Greg prefers long lasting relationships, not situations where a ton of money is made and someone is left with a sour feeling in their mouth.

UCS Performance is hands down the best Mitsubishi shop in the DC / MD / VA area.  No one in this area has as much experience with as many different Mitsubishi's as UCS Performance.  Hands down!